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All Types of Paper

August 13, 2012 by  
Filed under Paper and Cardboard Wanted, Wanted

Material Title: All Types of Paper

Type: Wanted

Category: Paper and Cardboard

Quantity and Frequency: Large quantity is preferred; bins of various sizes can be arranged for consistent collections

Price: Negotiable

Description: Island wide collection of all types of paper. Shredding of confidential documents.

Tai Hing was established in 1971 and deals mainly with waste paper / metal / plastics / rubber collection. As one of leading packers of waste paper in Singapore, Tai Hing has been providing their services to people and companies who need to dispose off their waste and used paper materials as recyclable materials. Recycling services has been provided by Tai Hing for the past 35 years.

One of Tai Hing’s main duties involves collecting paper materials into their factory for further processing which includes shredding, grading, sorting and packing. After the entire process, Tai Hing exports all the paper as raw materials to recycling plants for recycling.

Feel free to inquire for further details.


Name: Alvin

Position: Executive Sales Manager

Phone: 9436 4643

Email: alvin@thp.com.sg

Company / Organisation: Tai Hing Private Limited

Website: http://www.thp.com.sg/index.htm

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