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Metals, PCB, Cables, Plastics, Paper, IT Items

Material Title: Metals, PCB, Cables, Plastics, Paper, IT Items

Type: Available

Category: Electricals and Electronics, Metals, Paper and Cardboard, Plastics and Rubber

Quantity and Frequency: Once every 1-2 months for metals, plastics and paper; once every 6 months for IT items

Price: Please state your proposal

Description: Items for collection – General: metal, plastic, paper, other items like PCB, cable, wires, etc; IT: laptops, keyboards, docking stations, VGA cables, etc.

Collection frequency – General: approximately once every 1-2 months (paper might have more collection frequencies); IT: approximately once every 6 months.

Quantity per collection – General: approximately 50kg per collection (this will vary depending on our internal project requirements); IT: approximately 100 laptop units.

Bin required to be placed at our location – 1 for metal, PCB and wire, 2 for plastics, 2 for paper and 1 for IT

Destruction certification – General: No requirement; IT: Physical destruction of hard drives is compulsory. Photo evidence and certification for hard drives with their serial numbers is required.


Name: Lindy Wong

Position: Buyer

Phone: 6709 2226

Email: linching.wong@continental-corporation.com

Company / Organisation: Continental Automotive Singapore Pte Ltd

Address: 80 Boon Keng Road, Singapore 339780

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One Response to “Metals, PCB, Cables, Plastics, Paper, IT Items”
  1. Daniel says:


    my partners and i are paper and plastic recyclable collectors and are looking to sell both our paper and plastic. could i get a price quotation on regular cardboard boxes (per kilogram) as well as plastic (PP plastic yellow and white straps, LD colored, PVC). we roughly have a quantity of 800kg of cardboard per week and 450kg of plastic per week. hope to hear from you thank you! contact me at 97531249 or drop me an email

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