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Beer Bottles

April 24, 2017 by  
Filed under Available, Glass and Ceramics Available

Cartons of Glass Bottles 1Material Title: Beer Bottles

Type: Available

Category: Glass and Ceramics

Quantity and Frequency: Per Week

Price: Free

Description: We operate a craft beer shop at Liang Court Shopping Centre #02-34 and can supply empty beer bottles for free but you will have to come by to self-collect them (we’re open 12pm-10pm daily).

We have about 2-3 cartons of empty beer bottles every week (1 carton holds approx 24 bottles). About 95% of our glass bottles are dark brown, only a very small handful are green or transparent. The bottles come in different sizes and shapes – some with a longer neck, some with a fatter body, etc. Please feel free to come by our shop to take a look or alternatively, you may visit out website or social media accounts for photos. Our shop space is rather limited so we can’t have the empty bottles lying around for too long. We are not able to reserve certain designs/colours for you and cannot keep the bottles for too long. The best way for you to choose or collect is by visiting our shop.

Do let us know how many bottles you’re interested to get and when you can collect them so that our shop staff won’t dispose of them before you arrive. Thank you :)

Cartons of Glass Bottles 2

Cartons of Glass Bottles 3


Name: Jasper

Position: Retail Manager

Phone: 83071995

Email: jasper.siow@thirsty.com.sg

Company: Thirsty Beer Shop

Website: www.thirsty.com.sg

Address: 177 River Valley Road, #02-34, Liang Court Shopping Centre, Singapore 179030

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